Link Building – an Important Technique for Search Engine Optimization

One of the very important aspects of search engine optimization is link building. Ask any SEO services expert and you will get to hear how important it is go for link building. There are two kinds of link building – one is the natural link building where links are generated manually, and the other is link building by using software. Search engines discourage link building by using some software, while on the other hand natural link building is considered in high esteem.

But before we move on with more on link building, let us first see why we need link building at the first place. Link building was originally done to provide visitors with more information on a particular topic. In the earlier days, when Google and other search engines did not consider link building as an important tool to decide the popularity or utility of a website, owners of websites used to give and take links freely with the sole intention to provide their visitors more information on the subject they dealt in.

Soon Google followed by other leading search engines started recognizing links as a way to tell how informative a website is. The more the website is referred to in other sites, the better are the chances for it to rank well. Providing the links of a competitor’s site or any site on the same theme would indirectly mean diminishing the value of one’s own site and promoting the competitor’s site. And eventually, people stopped referring links of other sites (especially competitors’ sites) on their own website.

Then the concept of ‘on theme’ link building and ‘off theme’ link building developed as a part of SEO services. While people discouraged on theme link building – which is providing links of the subject – the concept of ‘off theme’ link building really got popular as a Search engine optimization technique. Off theme link building is basically providing link or referring a site which caters to a subject which is not of the same theme but has a theme which is related to the subject of our site. For example, if our site deals in mobile phones, the related site which we might refer can be one that deals in Bluetooth accessories.

There are benefits of link building not only from the point of view of search engine optimization, but also from visitor’s point of view. If you provide your visitors, reference to other sites, where they might find information that can be useful to them or industry updates, then visitors do come often to your site to gain more knowledge or just to stay updated. This is also helpful to you as you maintain a steady flow of web traffic. Your site acts like a one stop shop for all the knowledge they want. This also helps in the promotion of your site both for search engine optimization as well as for retaining customers and visitors.


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