Seo- Do it yourself or Outsource?

Webmasters fall in of two categories when it comes to pay per click marketing. There are those who want to do everything themselves and there are those who like to outsource everything.

There are advantages and disadvantages on either side.

It is up to you to make your decision. But before you make your decision, you should possess a good knowledge advantages and hazards of each. Only then you would be able to make a decision without a bias.

Hire A Professional


Professionals have been doing this activity for years. Naturally they have a bent of mind for this activity. If you hire a professional, you could be assured of making the right moves from very beginning for your SEO activity

No Hiccups

Professional can identify the problems that can cause your site to be neglected by search engines or would cause your site to be penalized. This faculty requires practice and experience. However, if you take services of a SEO professional, you can avail it in the beginning.

Relationship Matters

SEO professionals would have links in certain areas like press, directories etc. These areas can have a great impact on success of your website.

Time Savings

You would need to learn everything and understand it before you can apply and test your knowledge. Moreover SEO activities themselves consume a lot of time.

With a professional to take care of these things, you can devote that time to grow your business.

Do It Yourself

You Save

Professional would cost a dear amount of money. If you do things by yourself, you would save a lot.

You Learn It

You acquire a knowledge that you can apply again and again without paying for it. Once you learn and understand, you yourself become an expert.

Complete Control & Responsibility

You would be in control and when you achieve something, the credit would also be entirely yours. This could build a sense of purpose for some people.

As I noted before, it would be entirely your decision to make a choice.


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