The Importance Of Website Optimisation

Anyone who is trying to get a website off the ground will know what a difficult task this can be. With thousands of new websites being launched every single day the competition is immense and therefore it can seem like an impossible task to get noticed on the World Wide Web.

The most effective way of getting your website noticed is through search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN. Statistics show that between 75 per cent and 90 per cent of Internet users find websites through this method. This means that website optimisation is absolutely vital to the survival of your site and possible even your business.

With the vast majority of people finding the websites they need through search engines, it is imperative that these tools can find your site. You may have an attractive, fully functioning website but if it is not being recognised by the likes of Yahoo then you don’t stand a chance against your competitors. This is when website optimisation comes in because it is this that gets people clicking on your website.

Website optimisation can come in many different forms. A popular method is the use of keywords. This means being able to recognise the keywords that people are typing into search engines which then brings up the websites they want. For example, if someone was looking for a cheap holiday to Spain they would probably type in something like ‘cheap Spanish holidays’. It is important to know exactly what these keywords are because it is this that is going to get your website seen by right people.

Another thing to consider with website optimisation is that not only is it important that your website gets recognised search engine results pages, but also that it is listed in one of the top positions. When looking through the pages people tend to look through the first three pages so this is where you want to be. There is no point being on page 10 because it is extremely unlikely that people will look through that far.

Another popular method of website optimisation is the use of articles to promote websites. There are hundreds of article submission websites available and some of them even let you make postings for free. The aim of this is to get people reading the articles which provide a link to the website you are promoting and thus clicking the link to your site.

Website optimisation is a very difficult thing to achieve successfully and very few people manage this on their own. Fortunately there are several companies who specialise in this kind of thing and can therefore assist people when it comes to website optimisation.

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