Optimizing for Google, Yahoo and Msn

Search engine optimization is a regular process, if you want your website to be a top ranker in all the major search engine results, its mandatory to update your website according to the changing algos of search engines. To gain higher rankings in the search engine results, first we have to understand the three internet giants Google, Yahoo and MSN. These are the three biggest existing search engines available. Almost all of us use any one of these three to make searches for any kind of information we want to look for on the World Wide Web.

Although these three search engines rule the internet industry but they all have a tendency to dominate another. Google has more or less succeeded doing this. Here are some facts about the three search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN, tweaking them can help you to rank well in the SERPs:

Let’s start with Google:


1. Google consider the domain age most important as compared to other major search engines.
2. Quality links obviously can attract any search engine.
3. Active websites (updated regularly at any level) are loved by Google.
4. Get Listed in The Major Directories, helps you to climb success ladder on Google.
5. To please Google your HTML markups should be up to date as well as up to the mark.
6. Google with its advanced algorithm has started indexing websites which are based on LSI. Pages on your website should be relevant to your theme.
7. Your website should not be limited only to three to four pages to be indexed by Google.
8. Hyphens in URLs with keywords will definitely work.
9. W3C Compliancy in the source code is equally important for Google.


1. Keyword in Title Tag work for Yahoo.
2. Keyword Density is also an important factor.
3. Lot of Links (Site wide links work in Yahoo.)
4. Getting listed in Yahoo directory helps you to climb high on Yahoo, which is paid one.
5. Domain should not be too young in order to rank in Yahoo.


1. Keyword in Title Tag
2.Keyword Density Works
3.Freshness in content, relatively young websites can rank well in MSN.
4. Lot of Links (Site wide links work for MSN.)


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