Google Algorithm Update Analysis

Google algorithm update analysis is a standard with which an analysis can be made of the SEO rankings of various sites on the web world. The sudden up and down in the ranking of a website largely depends on three important things. These three are PageRank, backlinks and domain age.

Domain Age

It is basically the time period for which the website exists on internet. Google and other search engines attach a lot of importance to the domain age of a website for its ranking standards. Although a long domain age depicts a strong establishment of the company but this often appears to be a disadvantage, for the other new websites may have useful information and helpful user assistance sections.

Although, it has pushed back a lot of new websites but at the end of the day it has resorted the issue of unwanted and useless material topping the charts. There was once a time when, many websites were launched with unnecessary keyword loading just to top the search engine charts. With the trend or rather the method of choosing to make domain age as one of the base of SEO ranking, there is kind of sieving done by the Search engines to give the best results at once. So, with coming times ranking algorithms will soon be adjusted with the current trend to make web browsing more effective and fast.

Giving Domain age more relevance has greatly affected other factors ratings for search engine optimization because it seems to completely evade the content quality. In short, even if a website presents good meaningful content with right amount of keyword density to be in the web of SEO, it is likely to face the brunt if it is new to the market!


Along with the domain age system there has also been a slight alteration in the calculations of Backlinks. Earlier there was lesser importance given to reciprocal links but now search engine optimization takes in to account largely the number of reciprocal links a website has. Websites with reciprocal website link directories are rated higher with SEO ranking. So, if you are eying at good SEO ranking, a large link building back up can easily get you a good SEO ranking.


Unlike the earlier trend, the PageRank has lost its importance with the search engines in the process of search engine optimization process. PageRank is related mainly to the Backlink value. In lieu of the Search Engine optimization process, the PageRank calls for little attention and if Google has taken a step ahead to rate it lower among Search engine optimization planning, it is a good step.

Most significant fact that should not be overlooked is that earlier Google used another measure for SEO ranking algorithm calculation. This algorithmic analysis tool was TrustRank. It was basically the standard which depicted the trustworthiness of the site with Google, the search engine. Later the standard was discarded and PageRank was given the duty to perform in the Google algorithm analysis. Since now, PageRank also seems to loose the credibility in the process, there is likely a chance that it would shift to TrustRank again.

Whatever may be the next update, Google update will definitely turn up with another analysis update because it is quite obvious that a website that has just been launched would be loaded with information that is latest rather than the one that exists since the starting of the millennium.

Related linking analysis is likely to show a higher graph and will be effective as there are chances that lower PageRanks but with high relevancy may win the race with high quantity and less relevant linking process.

The chance that Google is here looking forward to make the other tools more important for SEO ranking might give a chance to find out what actually went wrong with PageRank earlier, and so efforts will be made to make it even better. Consequently, if you have been worried about your search engine rank going higher; it might bring a smile to your face. However, you must keep in mind that SEO algorithm analysis tools updating is an ongoing process and the coming time will soon see a change in the scenario again like the one we see now.

What is best for you is that you need to adjust with the algorithm analysis to stand in good ranks and if you fail to do so, there might be a chance that you come up but when you never know.


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