Decoding SEO

This basic definition of SEO is what everyone knows but the real problem lies in how does one optimize his site. Let us see first why should you optimize your site. The internet is a medium for one to do business without the hassles that a traditional business set-up faces. There are no workforce issues, one does not need to be physically present for transactions to take place and most importantly it provides consumers a lot of flexibility. If someone does not have the time to go to a shop he can just log on to the internet and place his order.

Let’s take an example wherein someone wants to buy a Nokia N95. He will just log on to Google and search for Nokia N95. He will see the first two or three website descriptions and then decide which website he wants to check. How does Google decide which websites to rank in the top four or five? It has its own complex algorithm which takes in certain factors and decides which sites rank higher than others. For your websites to get more traffic it is but natural that they rank in the top four or five and this is where Search engine optimization comes in the picture.

Search engine optimization firms study your website and recommend changes to your websites. The basic things to be done are to have meta tags, alt tags, title tags etc. in place to ensure that basic website structure is proper and that the Google crawler can go through your website with ease. Next step is to create your worth amongst the thousands of websites that are doing the same thing as yours. Just as in an election where there are many competing candidates but the person who wins is the one who has the most votes similarly the website that has the most links from other websites andor directories is the one which Google ranks higher. Why does Google does so? The logic is simple if a website provides a link to you it means that the website considers your website to be important and the more no. of websites that deem your website to be important the higher Google ranks you. Does this mean that you can have links from any website? Seo firms will strongly advise you against this. Links from websites that have content relevant to yours and the websites that have been given some importance by Google(indicated by good ”PR”) count.

Keyword analysis forms the crux of your SEO campaign. If your website is targeting the wrong keywords then however good your website is it won’t rank for the keywords that it should. SEO firms use various analytics software’s like Google trends, Word tracker, Keyword Discovery etc. to zero in on the correct keywords. The structure of your website can also be modified to create a mesh structure wherein easy navigation links are provided and all the pages are linked to one another. Conversion of urls from dynamic to static is also what SEO firms focus a lot more. One must realize that although these steps seem very basic actual implementation is very difficult and it is a gradual process. Google takes some time to realize that changes have been done to your website and even when it does it might wait for some time before reflecting those changes on its search results.

In the last decade India has emerged as the IT center and it is right at the top in the SEO industry. SEO firms in India are highly regarded and companies from all across the world are flocking to India to cash in on the expertise and deep understanding of this domain that these companies have.


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