When Can a Website’s Rank Drop in the Search Engines?

If the ranking of your website has dropped recently and you are wondering why, here is an answer to your question.

Companies providing SEO services suggest that in spite of all the efforts put in by the webmasters, the rankings of the websites often drop in the search engines like Google. Mentioned below are some factors which are generally responsible for the drop in the website ranking:

* The website has been banned or penalized by the search engine.

The ranking of a website might drop if it is penalized or banned by the search engine. You can easily check it out by searching for your website in the search engine by using “site:your domain name”. If the search results provide one or more pages from your website, it means that the website is not completely banned by the search engine.

SEO expert suggest that in order to solve this problem, first of all you need to identify what is wrong with your website. You need to avoid link farming, spamming, cloaking etc. You need to clean up your website and then ask the search engine to reconsider your web pages.

* The search engine spiders are rejected by the website server.

Lately if you have

o installed a new robots.txt file
o changed your htaccess file
o installed a spam bot blocker,

the search engine spiders might not be able to crawl your website. You need to make sure that the spam bot blocker allows the search engine to go through your website and the robots.txt file allows search engines to index the web pages.

Most SEO suggest that you double check the settings of the installations which you have made lately, to avoid blocking of the spiders.

* The search engines have changed their algorithm.

According to the companies providing SEO services , the search engines often change their algorithms. One of the changes made lately, might affect the ranking of your website.

All you can do to solve this problem is, wait for the complete algorithm updation and let the website rankings be stabilized.

* Changing meta tags without matching page themes or using duplicate content.

If your web pages are not optimized according to your page theme or contain duplicate content, then the ranking of the website will be adversely affected.

The meta tags should always be optimized according to the page theme and the content used should be fresh and not stuffed with keywords.

* Your competitors have put in more efforts than you.

Search engine optimization in an ongoing competition. Your competitors might have put in more efforts than you for which their websites are ranked higher than yours.

You can approach an experienced SEO company and seek their help for achieving better ranking for your website.

The companies providing SEO and link building services suggest that a webmaster should always be updated about the latest changes and tips for achieving better website ranking in the leading search engines.


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